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Machine Safety

Lizard implements the following features to increase machine safety.


Each line sent via the command-line interface can and should be followed by a checksum. Lizard will omit any lines with incorrect checksums. Any output is as well sent with a checksum.

The 8-bit checksum is computed as the bitwise XOR of all characters excluding the newline character and written as a two-digit hex number (with leading zeros) separated with an @ character, for example:

Line Bitwise XOR Result
1 + 2 0x31 ^ 0x20 ^ 0x2b ^ 0x20 ^ 0x32 = 0x28 1 + 2@28

Keep-alive signal

The core module provides a property last_message_age, which holds the time in milliseconds since the last input message was received from UART0, parsed and successfully interpreted. It allows formulating rules that stop critical hardware modules when the connection to the host system is lost.

The following example stops a motor when there is no serial communication for 500 ms:

when core.last_message_age > 500 then motor.stop(); end