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Turn on an LED

Create a new LED "green" at pin 14 and turn it on:

green = Output(14)

Read a button

Create a button "b1" at pin 25 with internal pull-up resistor and read its value:

b1 = Input(25)

Write a persistent startup script

Clear the persistent storage, configure a button and an LED, write the new startup script to the persistent storage, restart the microcontroller with these two new modules and print the stored configuration:

!+green = Output(14)
!+b1 = Input(25)

Define a rule

Create an LED "red", a button "b1" with pull-up resistor as well as a condition "c1" that turns off the LED as soon as the button is pressed:

red = Output(14)
b1 = Input(25)
when b1.level == 0 then; end

Create a shadow module

Create a "green" LED that shadows a "red" LED, i.e. will receive a copy of each command:

green = Output(13)
red = Output(14)

Use a port expander

Create a serial connection as well as a port expander with an LED at pin 15 and turn it on:

serial = Serial(26, 27, 11500, 1)
expander = Expander(serial, 32, 33)
led = expander.Output(15)